Long time no see! We are happy to announce, that you can listen to our music on all streaming platforms from now on until forever! The two EP´s are remastered, so have fun with our music!


we´re happy to announce some new tourdates for our second split tour with kenzari´s middle kata. take a look at "dates". we hope to see many of you guys again and this time, please bring your girlfriends with you, cause our bumbaa driver hugo won´t come with us!


hey folks, we just finished our first split tour w/ KENZARIS MIDDLE KATA. we had such a amazing time with the guys and would love to go on tour with them right now again. but unfortunately we have to wait until may! so if you missed us this time - don..t miss to see us on our may tour!
regarding to this tour we have to thank a lot of people : anne, matthias, max, philipp, charlie, flo, pete, thommi, alex, florence, randy, christian, steppl, roy, the poor dog, isabel, martina, nicken, jens, jan, eva, robert and the music union Nuremberg - thanks for setting up the shows and cooking the great meals for us - it was a real pleasure to get to know each one of you.
a really really big special buuuuuuuuuuuuumba thanks goes out to Hugo daCruz (for being the best driver in the world, the guardian angel, the maverick and the party bumba man), millipede records (for believing in us, doing good work and being cool guys) and of course KENZARIS MIDDLE KATA (for being best friends). at least we won..t forget our friends of GODOT and TRIP FONTAIN which were both amazing and a real pleasure to show up with!

we have uploaded some tourpictures at our myspace-profile- feel free to watch and comment them! cheers, nihilists


Yes, finally we finished our four release shows very well with our ex-friends kenzari´s middle kata . Jeah, kmk were unfaithful! That sucks. But we love each other so much, that we will forget their mistake. Joking aside...
In a few days we are on the road for ten days to rock your city. The amazing hugorilla is going with us as driver and guardian angel. We are so fuckin happy! We hope to see many of you out there! Happy christmas and much love!


The release shows in braunschweig and berlin went pretty well! Amazing... thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. Now you can order our new record at millipederecords.de! Watch out, the clear vinyls are limited to 222 pieces. In two weeks we will play our next two release shows in south- germany and there are also some new tourdates confirmed. Hope to see a lot of you out there!


Hey fellows, we’ve got news! We are now part of the Millipede family and are totally stoked! Our first release under Millipede will be a Split with our good friends from Kenzari’s Middle Kata, which of course leaves us grinning wide, very wide. The Split will be released on limited Vinyl (222 pieces) and CD on the 23 rd of November, 2007, and of course, there will be crap loads of new merchandise to go along with it. We will be on tour rocking with the totally cool Kenzari’s, with gigs planned into 2008, so don’t forget to checkout the tour dates on our website. We will let you know anything as soon as we do, and keep you up to date. Cheers, your Nihilists


Hey friends, we just entered a studio in Berlin to record some new songs. They will appear on the next release together with our good friends Kenzaris Middle Kata. As far as we can say there will be split lps and split cds which will be released by Millipede Records. Thats it so far ... as soon as we have some news - we gonna update you! For release shows and Tour watch out!

Here are the latest news.Our shirts and Ep´s are almoust sold out. So don´t forget to buy one at one of our shows. The eastern tour with Köppernjugend begins in munich and ends in Braunschweig.
We are looking forward to seeing lots of you in south germany and partying with you. See you there!


Yes, finally it´s done! Our new self titled Ep is out now! We recorded it in 3 days in Berlin! The first press is limited to 100 pieces and you can listen to two tracks on www.myspace.com/nihilistsmusic
We also did our mini mini tour through south germany and austria which went pretty well and like to thank all the nice people from the venues that helped us! It has been a lot of fun! last but not least thanx to all the people that came out to our shows it was a real pleasure for us....